100 Days Project

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Create one History or Social Studies lesson plan that could be picked up and used by any teacher anywhere

Day 19:

Consequences of the Russian Revolution

Consequences of the revolution
Understanding how the Russian Revolution affected people
By the end of this period you will be able to explain with detailed insight the consequences of the Russian Revolution for people
• This lesson takes its content from the Russia in Revolution text published by Longman
• Starter: give students the option of using either their devices using a Google document, or using note paper to answer the following:
o Draw up a table of people who favoured the revolution and those who were opposed to it at various times. Give their reasons and use supporting evidence to support your answer
Year People For the Revolution People Against the Revolution





o What was the dictatorship of the working class?
o In your own words explain War Communism and what it meant for peasants, workers and soldiers
o In what ways could 1921 be viewed as a turning point for the revolution?
o How could the NEP be seen as undermining the revolution?
• Students can complete this work for homework; it will be useful as a resource for writing up the second part of their 2.5 essays on the causes and consequences of the Russian Revolution