100 Days Project

Sarah: Momentitos

a mini journal based on appreciating something small in the moment. And seeing where it takes me - a kind of mash up of mindfulness and journal writing....

Day 19:

Click whirr

Sometimes it doesn't get a whole lot of love, this gorgeous piece of kit. And yet I love to hold it in my hands, feel its hefty weight, as if this somehow signifies quality and craftmanship. I'm still a little shy about taking the kind of snaps I want to lest it be intrusive, brash, annoying. Clickety click click. But I secretly love it - I almost feel like a different person with the all access pass of a camera strap around my neck. Or I like to think I am anyway. I love catching the connections between people. It doesn't happen often but when it does I love that it's a tangible moment caught in time forever. There's something pretty powerful about that.