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Day 19:

Day 19: Ferris

Name: Ferris Meowler
Gender: Male
Height: 12 inches
Weight: 12 pounds
Nickname(s): Fer Fer
Star sign: Aries

Hygiene specialist Ferris, is a man-cat on the prowl for some lovin'.

In his job at a local eatery, Ferris combines his two passions in life - eating and cleaning."They pay me in food" says Ferris "All day, every day I work hard cleaning the restaurant, and then I spend my evenings tidying away the food ... into my belly!"

The cleaning doesn't stop at when he gets home either. There's nothing Ferris enjoys more than a long, hot shower "I could spend all day in the shower! It's really important that every inch of me is clean. I could easily spend an hour or two just cleaning between my claws ... I FREAKIN' LOVE IT." (Ferris gets a little over-excited when it comes to cleaning, and his volume quickly escalates to a shout).

Asked about his ideal partner Ferris yelled at the top of his lungs "SHE MUST BE CLEAN!" errrrr ... okay, anything else Ferris? "No, that's all really. Clean. Very clean."

If you think you're clean enough to go on a date with Ferris, please use the keyword 'sterile'.