100 Days Project

Bryony: Writing!

Ok, amendment here - I'm going to blog every day, but it's at any time, as my first thoughts are rather repetitive, and mostly unthoughtful.
Original: I'm going to blog on Tumblr every day. It'll be anything that springs to mind when I wake up each morning.

I was so tempted to snuggle down in bed forever, but my trusty morning wake up play list convinced me to get up! I had another dratted dream. Which sucks, as I feel nowhere near ready to face the day. It’s like dreaming takes energy. I heard someone else’s alarm go off at 0600, wondering if it was the neighbour’s or for some weird reason my Flatty thought she would be able to get up then. I’m the original morning person, but since being sick, that has turned itself around. I miss springing out of bed, going for a morning run up the hill, and coming home all refreshed, alert and alive! Apparently I will return to normal, it will just take patience (grrrrr), and in the mean time, I’m forming a rather strong bond to my bed. Last night I had my French class, which was awesome, so I fell asleep listening to podcasts from the UN radio in French. Rather relaxing, I must say.

Day 19:

Ata Marie!