100 Days Project

Chris : A ton of work

Create one History or Social Studies lesson plan that could be picked up and used by any teacher anywhere

Day 17:

Close Reading for Meaning

Close Reading for Meaning
Understanding how historical sources can show us key historical ideas
By the end of this lesson you will be able to use the historical skills of close reading for meaning to examine historical sources for key historical ideas
• Starter: project a source and have students discuss and extrapolate possible meanings and ideas from it. This could be done as a class, or in smaller groups
• Give students three sources in a familiar context and ask them to close read them; making notes on the page regarding important information relating to the following things
o Identify information from the source
o Use the sources to explain the perspective of an individual
o Identify and explain one or more historical pattern(s) in the sources
o Reliability and usefulness
o Encourage students to go beyond the obvious information in the sources in order to draw conclusions
o Note any questions that an historian might ask about the source
o Consider who created the source and for what purpose
• Students are then to make a list of key historical ideas that could relate to any or all of the sources