100 Days Project

Bryony: Writing!

Ok, amendment here - I'm going to blog every day, but it's at any time, as my first thoughts are rather repetitive, and mostly unthoughtful.
Original: I'm going to blog on Tumblr every day. It'll be anything that springs to mind when I wake up each morning.

Or not. This morning, no posts as I was in a rush to see my friend at her new cafe. Then had text from Flatty to meet at markets, then had to rush out of the city for my mate’s birthday, rush back here for my French group meet-up - which I missed. Am now really pooped again. Dratted weekends! Also missed my friend’s protest, which I wanted to attend to show support, bu all these other things came up, or were booked in advance. hard work. Ghastly.

Day 17:

Sunday, the day of rest?