100 Days Project

Janet: Willa

My daughter will be 107 days old when this project starts, almost a perfect coincidence. Every day, for 100 days, I will take a photo of Willa. Every photo will involve me learning a different photography technique. Every photo will have a caption of only one or two words. Growth, brevity, living in the moment - love it.

Day 17:

‘over it’

'over it'

I think we can all relate to this feeling at times. A bit too much happening today and poor Willa just wanted to sleep.

I like this photo though. I like that not all photos need to be of people smiling in order to be beautiful. Of course black and white is very forgiving - red blotchy skin becomes clear, an upset mood can have a somewhat calm feeling about it.

Maybe Willa was sick of the camera being pointed in her direction (I made up for that the next couple of days by barely touching my camera) or maybe she was sad to be leaving Kaikoura. She certainly had lots of adoring smiles for her grandparents while we were there!