100 Days Project

Chris : A ton of work

Create one History or Social Studies lesson plan that could be picked up and used by any teacher anywhere

Day 16:

Key Historical Ideas

Key Ideas
Understanding how key historical ideas can be used to enrich our historical writing
By the end of this lesson you will be able to write about historical contexts using key historical ideas
• IT resources including Google documents and student devices
• Poster making resources
• First introduce the definition of key historical ideas: generalisations derived from evidence within an historical context
o Facilitate a class discussion that breaks down the definition into its constituent parts
 Generate a definition for the terms generalisation, evidence and historical context – this could be done using devices and could be fed into a Google document
o Individuals then come up with their own historical contexts
o Using these historical contexts they are to come up with key historical ideas based on the definition above
• Students then pair up and explain their key historical ideas to each other
• Use ice-block sticks to get students to report their ideas back to the rest of the class
• Depending on time you could then get the students to create posters that express the key historical ideas visually