100 Days Project

Willie: What It Is To Ponder

Every day there are opportunities to ponder. So often life gets in the way to ponder with meaning. For the 100 days of this project I will take time out every day to reflect on those ponder-able moments. I will attempt to articulate my 'ponderings' through the use of poetry. Risky but fun. Can I actually write poetry? Here we go...

There’s a market for the skills one has
As engineer of transport,
Not only for the roads outside
But in one’s office as well.

The doorways, hallways, offices
Have people come and go.
With high foot traffic usage
Road rules should here apply.

Let’s masking tape a roadway style
To make it very clear
Where I should walk, where you should walk
Whilst we’re all inside here.

There’s solid lines and dotted lines
And passing lanes as well.
Thank goodness he’s not put up signs
He’d then have gone too far.

There’s a market for the skills one has
As engineer of transport.
They’d better keep him occupied
Or more tape will surely flow.

Day 16:

Roading In The Office

How adaptable are we? Can we think outside the square? Where's the fun in what do? How transferable are we? What else can we add to life with what we have got?

Go for it all. Have a fun filled day, week, month, life.