100 Days Project

jeni: A scribble a day and things/people I love

A series of small sketches with watercolour wash, to see how good I can get at it after 100 days of practice. I started a while ago and for a few days I had gusto and enthusiasm, but as with previous hobbies, once I started being critical and disappointed, I lost confidence and stopped bothering. I might add a journal entry here and there, but for the most part it will be the pencil and the watercolour. I am looking forward to the discipline that commitment - to the 100 Days Project - brings out in me. I have way better staying power with a bit of a push.

Kia Ora

Day 16:

Comic book art plus failed macarons

Just copied from my self portrait sketch, layering different colours in wash and then a little bit of outlining in pen. I always loved David Mack's style in his Kabuki comic book series. Might a little play with this on another day... maybe.

Today I have also made bread and macarons, both which failed miserably. The oven is, in part, to blame. The kids and I are eating what resulted from the macarons and at the very least, one tray is edible. The other tray got seriously browned so it wasn't even worth attempting to buttercream them together. Don't know what the story was with the bread though, normally my bread is a winner. Maybe I'm off my game... I do still have a head cold, and I have diverted my creative efforts to paper so maybe my personal RAM has been overdelivering in that capacity and the baking is suffering.

Kids are looking forward to F&C at Granddad's this evening. I am looking forward to drinking their Baileys.