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Day 16:

Day 16: Tabitha

Name: Tabitha
Gender: Female (neutered)
Height: 12 inches
Weight: 18 pounds
Nickname(s): Princess Tabby Cat
Star sign: Libra

Dr Tabitha (M.D.) is a busy (and somewhat intimidating) cardiologist, looking for a loyal man-cat to make her heart pound.

In between hospital rounds, we caught up with her about her love life.

"Being a career woman, I don't have much time to get out and meet new people. Even when I'm not working I find myself drawn to people who are in need of my healing touch ... so I never get any time for myself, let alone time to think about dating."

"Some people call me a bitch because I can be a bit impatient. But really, I'm just prioritising my affection. It's sick people who really need to see loving Tabitha, not the healthy ones."

Tabitha is looking for a strong man-cat who can sweep her off her feet and help her unwind at the end of a long day in the cardiac ward.

If you'd like to go on a date with Tabitha, please use the keyword 'healer'.