100 Days Project

Lindy: Never Postpone a Prompting

I am going to finely craft a paragraph everyday.
100 paragraphs = a collection of 5-8 short stories.
Life unscripted - these are to be a collection of my inner city tales - outrageous things I've seen and heard. I've always wanted to write them, half are still in my head, the others need fine-tuning.

So Nadya enthusiastically set about arranging to have her other leg "chopped off". Her doctors agreed that, although not medically necessary, it was a good solution to the “unbalanced” life she was leading. It came as a huge shock to discover that her parents were absolutely against it. Perhaps they couldn’t bear to see her suffer more pain, who knows why but they would not sign the parental consent form - and the amputation could not proceed without it. As she was under 18 the determined Nadya was left with no alternative but take her case to court. Fortunately she won the right to manage her own body. That year she not only lost the other leg but she also lost her love for her parents.

Day 16:

Out of the Blue