100 Days Project

Jade: 100 Days of ‘Mummy Moments’

Children grow up far too fast, I will therefore document 100 days of my 'mummy moments' mostly through creative writing on my blog but also with some visual element- most likely a photo.

My project is going strong, check out my blog for details/ pics/ vids etc... from my daily Mummy Moments. The Blog is where it's at.

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Saturday mornings are another busy one in our household with both girls having swimming lessons. Despite the chaos and mad panic getting out of the house, it is such a rewarding experience seeing the benefits the girls are receiving. And I don't want to jinx it, but even though we arrive at the last minute, I haven't yet forgotten any of the essentials (towels/ togs/ undies etc...).

Day 16:

Moment of Splashing Around (water safety fun)

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