100 Days Project

PAULA: a day in the life

over 100 days 100 artworks will be created using whatever materials are necessary to loosely represent daily occurrences, objects that are found, sightings, words spoken, moods, dreams..... I am hoping when I look back on all the works they will take me back to the happening and therefore this project will take on the form of a daily journal of randomness

Day 15:


On our doorstep....well at the end of the road, is this incredible bush that is a shortcut into town. Walking Bruce there today, Max and I were immersed in taking photos and looking at this beautiful place with such intensity bought up remarks such as "öh I just saw papa smurf fly by"and "here is the smurfs village, they are in their houses right now" (this is when we came across an awesome mushroom patch) also, "look at these two trees, they are twins, who is their mother?" .....I could go on and on, it was a very cool hour of total wonder , Max as he wondered about everything and for my self the wonder and awe was about Max. Oh and he takes a mean photo at four years old, he is getting the SLR down to a fine art, I actually wanted to use one of his photos as the view he could get from such a lower distance was totally wicked. That would be cheating though :-)