100 Days Project

Kayla: Grief. Mercy. Language

I will write some form of poem or prose each day, experimenting with different structures, voices and styles in order to create emotive texts that explore the limits of language and meaning.

I would lay my ear against his chest and hear the water moving quiet, trickling. On the surface he was glacial, cold, rock hard, impenetrable. But I lay my head there, listening to the rivers running deep.

Let me inside you, into your room

In the night, he’d move and I’d wake, not hearing it - not hearing his heartbeat. But I’d reach out and find him again and place my head back there, falling asleep knowing the rivers were still running. Knowing I would lie with him until the ice melted.

I’ve heard it’s lined with the things you don’t show

Day 15:


Is it obvious yet, that I have an obsession with song lyrics? This is from one of my favourites, Hymn for Her.