100 Days Project

Lindy: Never Postpone a Prompting

I am going to finely craft a paragraph everyday.
100 paragraphs = a collection of 5-8 short stories.
Life unscripted - these are to be a collection of my inner city tales - outrageous things I've seen and heard. I've always wanted to write them, half are still in my head, the others need fine-tuning.

I had to smile - here we were talking about her disability and already I was laughing my head off. I hadn’t known anyone before with a disability and to have someone, a complete stranger barely an hour ago, begin sharing these intimate details with me seemed a strange and absurd thing. Yet it felt so right and normal and Nadya and I have been close ever since. She is kind and generous and most definately ethusiastic. And the sunshine and the pot had a bit to do with it.

Day 15:

Out of the Blue