100 Days Project

Willie: What It Is To Ponder

Every day there are opportunities to ponder. So often life gets in the way to ponder with meaning. For the 100 days of this project I will take time out every day to reflect on those ponder-able moments. I will attempt to articulate my 'ponderings' through the use of poetry. Risky but fun. Can I actually write poetry? Here we go...

The Kaihektateas are standing straight and tall.
From up here on the hill, we look at them in awe.
So grand. So expansive, with
So many shades of green.

From up here on the hill, Nanna looks out at this view.
Although she’s frail and weak now, we look at her in awe.
So grand she was, now
So many shades of unwell.

Day 14:

So Grand