100 Days Project

Janey: My Wellington Winter

A study in appreciating a winter in Wellington.

As the saying goes, you can't beat Wellington on a good day, and this summer has reminded me of what a great place it is. Winter, however, can be a trying time in this city. The weather is rubbish and it's hard to see a good side to it. There's no snow to frolick in (well it happened once a couple of years ago and was the highlight of the year), there's no point owning an umbrella (rubbish bins in the city are graveyards for inside out umbrellas) and it's often hard to watch telly in a southerly.

I intend, therefore, to learn to appreciate my winter in Welllington. I will take one photo every day of something that makes me appreciate my day. I will write a one word title for each photo, and I will write 100 words about each photo. This will all be included on my website.

At the end of the project I will have a collection that (hopefully) encompasses my winter in Wellington.

Day 14:



This is all I could see at 5:30pm tonight. But not being able to see it didn’t mean it wasn’t happening. The night involved thundering rain, clinky hail and gale force winds bashing our house and wrapping it in weather beaten night. Our wheelie bin has moved house (or suburb perhaps…we may never know) and we have inherited a large blue tarpaulin which was wrapped around a bush.

A scary night for many and I’m glad I wasn’t outside, but being wrapped up warm on the couch with that outside was special. It wouldn’t be the same in summer time.