100 Days Project

Willie: What It Is To Ponder

Every day there are opportunities to ponder. So often life gets in the way to ponder with meaning. For the 100 days of this project I will take time out every day to reflect on those ponder-able moments. I will attempt to articulate my 'ponderings' through the use of poetry. Risky but fun. Can I actually write poetry? Here we go...

My crossword buddy left today
She’s joining crossword angels.
She’s missed out for the past few weeks
Because she’s not been able.

Each week I sent her one from here
(The Press was so obliging).
Her photocopied version had
A letter for her reading.

The back side of her crossword was
the place where I shared words
on how we were and what we did
That week that had gone by.

Was the crossword ever done?
How would I ever know?
The letter read? Yes absolutely!
Each week it had to go.

But when she stayed with us up here
The crossword was always done.
We always got it out for sure.
The chores? Not likely so.

It’s these things we treasure most
When loved ones leave this Earth.
God, help her find a crossword friend.
I can’t join her just yet.

Day 13:

My crossword buddy left today

It's the specialness of a someone that we must focus on. What am I doing today to make me memorable and special?