100 Days Project

Sarah: Momentitos

a mini journal based on appreciating something small in the moment. And seeing where it takes me - a kind of mash up of mindfulness and journal writing....

Day 13:

Dog days

There are days when I have a real longing to curl up beside my dog or cat and sleep all day. Like today. Escape the world a little and lie down with Panda. It's rainy, suburban and boring and my words are like bitchy little bullets. Can't trust myself to be nice; chocolate biscuits don't even sweeten the deal, rather create angst at stuffing my face with a few too many. What to do with this mood that I just can't seem to shake? My husband tells me to go to bed. He's right. Sleep it off. Panda knows this. Doing this writing seems to help though. I somehow feel a bit lighter for it, an easing.