100 Days Project

Deborah: Arrangements

Lately I have been so focussed on the 'bigger picture' that I have forgotten to notice the small things. For the next 100 days I will capture an image that reflects the small stuff...the arrangements in my studio and home that give me pleasure and artistic inspiration...the conversations and energy between objects. Many of these arrangements I intend to take further in the future, into prints...paintings and sculpture. The comment attached to each photo explains more....

Day 13:

Ella’s arrangement

My daughter Ella took this photo of an arrangement she took on the front lawn of her Barbies. I love the way she played with the horizon line and scale to get a random nostalgic type photo. I remember years of playing with Barbies and making cities for them in the garden when I was her age...lost in my imaginary world ...arranging even then! Arrangements are satisfying. They give a sense of order and control.