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Day 12:

Day 12: Radar

Name: Radar
Gender: Male (neutered)
Height: 10 inches
Weight: 10 pounds (not too big for skinny jeans)
Nickname(s): 'Super-metro albino fluff-ball'
Star sign: Libra

We met with Radar to discuss his dating needs at local cafe Momento, where he was lounging peacefully in a booth.

Albino Radar has no children, and would like to remain childless forever. In fact Radar commented to us "Keep those little midget devils away from me. There are two clones living in my house at the moment who aren't much bigger than me and the little bastards are always getting under my feet." Fortunately, due to some recent elective surgery, baby Radars are unlikely in the near future.

Radar describes his ideal date as "well groomed, tall, blonde-haired, slim/athletic build, blue eyed, fit, calm, patient, kind, understanding, childless and ...did I say CHILDLESS?"

Radar looks great in a pair of skinny jeans and expects his date to match up to him in appearance. He's also looking for a woman who can provide, because due to his aversion to sunlight he's unable to hunt for himself.

If you'd like to go on a date with Radar, please use the keyword 'Ponce'.