100 Days Project

Bryony: Writing!

Ok, amendment here - I'm going to blog every day, but it's at any time, as my first thoughts are rather repetitive, and mostly unthoughtful.
Original: I'm going to blog on Tumblr every day. It'll be anything that springs to mind when I wake up each morning.

As above. I have a plan to memorise all the verbs learnt so far. It's good to have goals, right? My bed feels scrumptious. Just divine. I can't stomach the thought of maybe one day sharing it. The ex-husband had a fricken pelt and would shed constantly. Gross. It's amazing what one puts up with. My snuggy bed will not be abused like that again. I think HBC has a grand idea with her hubby living in a separate house. Just grand. Maybe one day when I get over my insane fear of relationships, I'll consider one where I don't have to share my snuggy bed with anyone. Rather magnanimous of me, I think! It may be time to get up. Bah humbug.

Day 12:

I need to learn my verbs

Hilariously misspelt need in original. Tehehe