100 Days Project

Suzanne: 100 Things I Like About Living In New Zealand

I emigrated here with my family four years ago from the UK.

We have had a lot of ups and downs and I think it would be really positive to take a photo every day of things that both myself and my kids love about living in New Zealand, and that we wouldn't have in London. They will probably be the most trivial of things to Kiwis, but to us they are great.

I am not the world's best photographer but will be snapping photos on my phone and using Instagram to improve them!

Day 12:

Our little piece of New Zealand

This is our 'little garden', little of course by New Zealand standards, but by ours its perfect. A 'friend' made a comment that it doesn't matter about the size of the garden, but its a corner plot, and that is all that matters, well, she has obviously never owned a house in London. For one, it is bigger than the tiny postage stamp sized garden we had in London, and for two, it goes all the way round the house - imagine that!