100 Days Project

Carol: Cartoon-a-day

When I was growing up I used to draw cartoons all the time. My mum has a whole drawer full of them. I never get time/have the inclination these days. Either that or I watch too much TV. So I'm going to draw a cartoon every day, hopefully getting the cartooning bug back, developing my style, responding to current events. I have very little stamina so this will be a challenge.

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Day 12:

Dinner for Charles

Sketchbook, pencil, pen, coloured pencils, scan

In response to Charles Saatchi's repugnant assertion that gripping his wife by the throat was a "playful tiff", I thought Nigella could cook him up a lovely Ipecac soup. Ipecac won't kill him, just make him very sick. In a playful way.

A great Guardian article by Suzanne Moore…