100 Days Project

Chris : A ton of work

Create one History or Social Studies lesson plan that could be picked up and used by any teacher anywhere

Day 11:

Leadership Aspects

Leadership Profile
Understanding how the attributes of leadership affect leaders
By the end of this lesson you will have produced a poster or graphic to represent the attributes of leadership
This lesson should take place over two periods
• This lesson follows another lesson where a leader (in this case the school Principal) has given a presentation on leadership that is predicated upon questions generated by students in Lesson 8 on Leadership
• The presentation’s contents are stored in a Google document that is able to be accessed by all students
• ICT resources are required for groups
• A3 paper required for groups
• Starter: groups spend one minute discussing the main points from the Leader’s presentation
• review the main points made in the Google document from the Leader’s presentation; while reviewing the main points identify some aspects of leadership such as decision making, delegation, responsibility etc.
• Each group then takes an aspect of leadership and inquires further into it using the following
o What examples of this aspect of leadership have been shown by people?
o How important is this aspect of leadership for people?
o Describe a scenario in which a leader could show this aspect of leadership
• Each group plans and answers the questions onto the Google document with the presentation information in it under their own heading
• Each individual then creates a poster that graphically represents their aspect of leadership
• Posters are displayed prominently in classroom for students to see