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Day 11:

Day 11: Dexter

Name: Dexter
Gender: Male (neutered)
Height: 12 inches
Weight: 12 pounds
Nickname(s): Dexter Morgan, Psycho Killer, Master of the Puppets
Star sign: Scorpio

Usually this website is dedicated to finding a love match for paying clients, however when Dexter came to see us, we felt it only right to warn the public.

Dexter is an arsehole. We'd love to tell you he has some charming qualities, but he doesn't.

In his spare time Dexter attempts vivisection on any number of small creatures, stalks neighbouring cats and preys on the innocent. Kittens have also been known to go missing near Dexter's home.

They say that psychopaths aren't born, they're made.We can only assume that something went seriously wrong in Dexter's life. Maybe mummy Dex wasn't paying enough attention when he asked for a second serving of chocolate cake.

You have been warned. DO NOT DATE HIM!