100 Days Project

Suzanne: 100 Things I Like About Living In New Zealand

I emigrated here with my family four years ago from the UK.

We have had a lot of ups and downs and I think it would be really positive to take a photo every day of things that both myself and my kids love about living in New Zealand, and that we wouldn't have in London. They will probably be the most trivial of things to Kiwis, but to us they are great.

I am not the world's best photographer but will be snapping photos on my phone and using Instagram to improve them!

Day 11:

No Locks!

The first day my kids started school in New Zealand I couldn't believe the open gates, surely anyone could come and go as they pleased?! No padlocks or key pads on any of the gates, the reception with a wide open door and you can stay at school after hours and play on the amazing playgrounds (and on a weekend too)!

In complete contrast, our London school locked down the minute the kids were inside. Similarly at the end of the day we all duly lined up and waited for the gates to be unlocked to pick up our kids. Access to the school during the day was via reception where you had to be buzzed in after being scrutinized on the TV monitor.

With a history in London of being restrained by teachers and trying to escape, not once has my daughter walked out of those open school gates (as I feared). Reverse psychology clearly works!