100 Days Project

Diana: Creative Day by Day (or sometimes evening by evening)

LIfe is too busy to do everything so you just need to work out how to find time to do the thins you like doing or you'll miss out! I want to create a new habit of a little of me in everyday that allows for some creativity - structural design, sewing, craft, writing......

Day 11:

Christmas Craft 1

With a mid-summer Christmas, we rarely get the chance to do Christmas crafts at GB so we thought we'd do a whole unit on Christmas and end with a party. This is the first week and we decided to make pomander balls with the Juniors (aged 5 - 8). Its was surprisingly difficult for small hands to tie the ribbons and press in the cloves but we got there in the end. Now they're all "curing" in brown paper bags with cinnamon to be taken home next week (and mine is hanging with the washing the bathroom doing the same thing).