100 Days Project

Haley: The Adventures of Captain Curly the Wonder-Junkie

In my attempt to return to the spontaneity of a child, whilst living in the world of adults, I am creating a photo documentation of my daily adventures for 100 days.

These adventures will be a mixture of trying something new everyday as well as taking the time to really appreciate the people, places, and things that are right in front of me.

Day 11:

Music with Color

Music with Color:

I've never really "liked" dancing, in the sense that I feel like I don't do it well. I actually really love it when I can let loose and have fun. This was one of those nights I let myself do that. That is partly because of this guy. :) DJ Guzie is amazing in his ability to mash up a very eclectic set of music including oldies, top hits, & even Disney music.