100 Days Project

Janet: Willa

My daughter will be 107 days old when this project starts, almost a perfect coincidence. Every day, for 100 days, I will take a photo of Willa. Every photo will involve me learning a different photography technique. Every photo will have a caption of only one or two words. Growth, brevity, living in the moment - love it.

Day 11:

‘dad time’

'dad time'

Today got the better of me. Or, should I say, my toddler got the better of me. With both kids now in bed I'm too exhaused to even look at my camera so here is a photo I took late last week when I was practising night photography. I really like it so I'm not going to waste any time fretting that it wasn't taken on the right day!

This shot wasn't planned but I couldn't resist grabbing my camera to capture the special father-daughter moment. Previously I wouldn't have bothered taking photos in a darkened room, preferring to find nice natural light instead of relying on the flash. But that might be about to change. There might be some beauty in the flash after all.