100 Days Project

sally: 100 Needlefelted items

As a teacher of 4-5 year olds, I tell lots of stories. I am going to needlefelt an item a day, for 100 days, that I can use as props for telling stories and rhymes, or for the children to be able to use to retell stories and rhymes.

Day 100:

monkeying around

Well, here we are, Day 100...

This has been on my To Do List right from the very beginning... and I have been putting him off because I thought it would be difficult.  Wasn't any more difficult than committing to something for 100 days.  And I went to the zoo yesterday with the kids from school and we had a blast, even though the kids seemed to be more interested in "When are we going to go to the playground?", and "When is lunch?", instead of looking at all the animals!   I did learn something interesting from one of my children yesterday... spider monkeys have no thumbs!  And then I read the information sign, and she was right!