100 Days Project

Gandhali: type mania

During my last project at university, I created four typefaces based on Victorian type specimens. I absolutely loved working on them, but I didn't make any more... till now!

For the 100 Days Project, I am going to be making typefaces. I am hoping to do one per week, and upload the results each Sunday. The 100 Days Project has been such a good push in the right direction, and I can't wait to see the end results. :-)

Day 10:

School Enrolments - a typeface

Achievements from day 4—day 10! A new typeface called 'School Enrolments'. As I did a few random alphabets and tweaks every day, I thought I'd upload the whole thing at once rather than drip-feeding...

By next Sunday, I hope to finish Chicken Potpie, a typeface that I worked on for the first three days of this project. :-)