100 Days Project

wilma: God lives here on the Eastern Bay of Plenty

We call it The Place where God lives, of course it is'nt, It's simply where the Motu River flows down from high in the mountains, through the gorges and into a small area of the Bay of Plenty.

,ve come to the conclusion--- that if God were to chose one single place to live it would be here. Over my 100 days I'm going to take you, with my trusty little pink camera and show you our beautiful piece of New Zealand.

Day 10:

The local marae

This is the meeting place of the Hapu. It is lovely, facing the sea with the hills of Apanui behind it (Remember i told you about chief Apanui) It is always kept beautifully, all tidy with grass cut. We had a dear friend Charlie who was a highly respected Kaumatua who could be seen on the rideon whizzing around the Marae grounds. Charlie passed away a while back but We think he is still there waving as we pass. Have a nice day.