100 Days Project

Lindy: Never Postpone a Prompting

I am going to finely craft a paragraph everyday.
100 paragraphs = a collection of 5-8 short stories.
Life unscripted - these are to be a collection of my inner city tales - outrageous things I've seen and heard. I've always wanted to write them, half are still in my head, the others need fine-tuning.

Nadia was born with without feet and her legs were deformed from below the knee. It was only much later on in her life that she came to understand what had caused this birth defect. Her mother had problems with her glands (what exactly she has never known)  but they had to be removed from under her arms. She was only 6 weeks pregnant with Nadia but this is the crucial time when the limbs are developing in the foetus. Somehow the gland removal affected her development.

Day 10:

Out of the Blue