100 Days Project

PAULA: a day in the life

over 100 days 100 artworks will be created using whatever materials are necessary to loosely represent daily occurrences, objects that are found, sightings, words spoken, moods, dreams..... I am hoping when I look back on all the works they will take me back to the happening and therefore this project will take on the form of a daily journal of randomness

Day 1:


Max, Willow and I abruptly stopped this morning when we reached the car and saw an Eurasion Collared Dove prancing back on forth on top of it. It seemed like he had been waiting for us to arrive. We all stood in awe watching this beautiful creature for a what seemed like an incredibly long time ( it was probably only a minute but when one is in awe it feels like so much longer)
The dove can represent many things, most obvious is peace and love however the Native American Indian Blackfoot tribe saw the dove as a sign of protection. They would have their men wear dove feathers to ensure their safe return home from war.
This inspired me to create a Protection Talisman for journeys, Daisy (my 17 yr old) may die of embarrassment if I hang it in the car though so it will have to protect us from home :-)