100 Days Project

jeni: A scribble a day and things/people I love

A series of small sketches with watercolour wash, to see how good I can get at it after 100 days of practice. I started a while ago and for a few days I had gusto and enthusiasm, but as with previous hobbies, once I started being critical and disappointed, I lost confidence and stopped bothering. I might add a journal entry here and there, but for the most part it will be the pencil and the watercolour. I am looking forward to the discipline that commitment - to the 100 Days Project - brings out in me. I have way better staying power with a bit of a push.

Kia Ora

Day 1:

Connect 4

Hooray for making it to the board with my first effort! Note to self: Do not attempt to use own children as life subjects while feeling particularly irritable, annoyed and grumbling internally about a bunch of crap. Day One might otherwise have gone a bit better. Also, maybe use something more permanent to draw with, and feel less dependant on the eraser.

I bought Connect 4 yesterday, Bill and Edie have played it before then and loved it. Of course at their ages they don't quite get the strategy, but are learning about taking turns and get that a bunch in a row make the winner (cries of "I WIN!" from both kids every couple of minutes, bless).

So. Impulsively picking 9:30 am to try to capture this luscious image of my two playing happily together, a bit less than five minutes in and I've grasped the pose, and I'm happy with the result! Then they notice what I'm doing. "MUMMY I WANT DRAW!!" (Edie), "What are you doing? Why, mummy?" (Billy). Then the climbing starts. Then I get hit in the face with my coffee mug... All I'm kinda ok with until spending way too long on Edie's face (which looked OK to start with but then I wrecked it by fussing) and nearly rubbing a hole in the paper with the kneadable eraser. The climbing starts to bother me because I'm frustrated so I yell! "GET OFF ME!!" Then I feel sorry and apologise for yelling. I'm forgiven. I decide to quit before the hole in the paper is more serious. We go out and Billy gets a haircut. We come home and I hastily chuck some paint over the top of the sketch and voila. I look at it and it feels like looking at boring mince for dinner. But it is the first! And things can only get better.