100 Days Project

Bryony: Writing!

Ok, amendment here - I'm going to blog every day, but it's at any time, as my first thoughts are rather repetitive, and mostly unthoughtful.
Original: I'm going to blog on Tumblr every day. It'll be anything that springs to mind when I wake up each morning.

100 Days Project - First Day!!!
So I started this blog for my 100 days project - and guess what, this is the first day of the project, and I had no time in the morning to write my thoughts upon waking. Typical. I had a bizarre dream this morning, for some reason a car had broken down and I needed a ute (I’ve been fantasizing about winning lotto and buying myself a Hilux, it’s the little things) and I borrowed a ute from this dude who my mate was seeing a wee while ago - rough as guts hunter from down south, but a lovely guy. And in my dream he had a weird collection of photos of his kids, and they were like my photos from in training, but had sticky backs. so I peeled the stuff away from the sticky back, then realised that I had nothing nice to stick the sticky photos to. Great dream huh. WTF? there was also decorating a baby’s room, cannot determine if child was mine or not, as I was more interested in the ute. So I wake up a half hour before the alarm goes off, attempt to roll back over and go to sleep. alarm finally does go off and I hit snooze, because i’m so exhausted (my flatmate confirms this is a typical response) and I do it again when it goes off 9 minutes later (why 9 mins? It was a good idea at the time). So for the third attempt at getting me vertical, I let the entire song play through, and really absorb the beauty of the flower duet. Then, I remember something fantastic! I have finally figuerd out what value a podcast has, and become all excited about listening to the recent podcast from TED while I’m having a shower. so i do. Not as energising as listening to my wake-up play-list, but a good use of my time, and gave me something to think about. So, recommend listening to / watching the lection from TED by Andrew Solomon: Love, no matter what. will attach link soon!

Day 1:

First day

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