100 Days Project

Chelsea : For the Love of Words

I will write, share quotes, play with words, introduce new, interesting words and just celebrate words with aplomb.

As a starting point, I've decided to use C M Mayo's D5MWE. Her daily writing exercises will help to get me going. I just hope my ramblings aren't too much of a yawn!

Wow. Winning the lottery would be a mind blow, and highly unlikely in my case, considering that I've never bought a ticket.

However, for the sake of this exercise ...

  1. I would pay off the homes and vehicles of my family. All of them. So I reckon that means I'll be giving a lot to the bank. This counts as three.
  2. Get the old mum sorted out. So give a whack of the money to her.
  3. I'd like to throw a bit of money at sustainable living organizations. The kind of places that teach people to grow their own food, and use solar power.
  4. Really? Ten? Okay.
  5. It would be wonderful to start a facility that ensures that newborns receive kangaroo care and full love and attention for at minimum their first few months.
  6. I would find a way of introducing meditation and yoga into our schooling system.
  7. Well, now I'm way over five minutes. And I reckon I've run out of money, so with the last few schekles, I'll take a spin around the world!
  8. And buy huge birthday presents for those I love. 

Day 1:

Top Ten

In response to CM Mayo's D5MWE 7 June: 'Top 10 Gift List' If you won the lottery who and what would you give the money to? List your top ten.