100 Days Project

Craig: 100 Quirks.

For a lengthy period of my life, mental illness and addiction governed my world. I'm a writer these days, and hopefully a little saner. For 100 days I'm going to write something about living with a mental illness. I promise it won't all be grim, but it will be unedited, and no doubt messy and full of errors – just like life.

It's been roughly twenty five years since I was diagnosed with a mental illness. For thirteen of those years drug and alcohol addiction added a little destructive spice to the endless battles raging in my mind. I'm twelve years sober, and a dozen years clean, but every day my mind and I still find time to quarrel.

Still, I'm alive. I'm thankful for that.

Do me a favour, let's kick this 100 Days Project off in style. If you know someone who suffers from a mental illness – or even someone looking a little glum today – give them a hug. Tell them you're thankful they are here. Sometimes that's all we need.

Day 1: