100 Days Project

Olivia: 100 Days of Words

I love to write anything and everything, so my 100 Days Project is about words. Every day, I will write a mini story of exactly 100 words. In the end, I will have 10,000 words making up 100 mini-stories.
I will also put my stories up on my Wordpress blog: http://www.olivia100daysproject.wordpress.com

There was nothing to be done for it. No hope, no power, no faith. Fury and fire was all that remained once the tide washed everything away. The end of days. Gone were the flowers, the fields, the sun and the sky. Gone was the beauty of the earth and the tenderness that it spoke. By the time everybody realized what was happening, it was far too late. Everything was long dead and hollow. All that was left was the solemn breath of a world gone by, a desert wasteland beyond comprehension that supported nothing but demons from the past.

Day 1:


7 June 2013: Apocalypse