100 Days Project

Alysn: Without words

I will keep a simple diary in the form of shapes and symbols arranged to give a narrative along a timeline.
Long quiet spells might be a single wide grey block, a short hiatus might be a bright small spot, an intrusion might explode from under the main area, exploring the effect of hard edges, soft edges, curves, straight lines, angles and proportions in a space ...
I hope during the 100 days to develop some sort of vocabulary and as I look back over the diary be able to read the pace and emotion of each day.

Day 1:

Day One

It is going to take me a while to work out the best visual descriptions for my days, so I will probably be trying different ones - after all I am aiming over time to find simpler, clearer, yet more informative and interesting forms, shapes, patterns and colours. Bear with me!