100 Days Project

Gemma: Hair like ‘Medusa’

I'm going to make a record (photograph/drawing/audio/video) of my unruly hair as I wake up each morning. This is a closer look at a modern feminine aesthetic; of seeking a feminine ideal.

Day 1:

Medusa Day 1

So today I cheated...I brushed my hair before I remembered it was DAY 1 of the 100 Days Project and took this photo. So here is an image of a semi-deity hair-do. So expect more snake-headedness as this project goes by.

Also my first point of research uncovered this telling gem of feminist theory - "The book Female Rage: Unlocking Its Secrets, Claiming Its Power by Mary Valentis and Anne Devane notes that "When we asked women what female rage looks like to them, it was always Medusa, the snaky-haired monster of myth, who came to mind..."