100 Days Project

Janet: Willa

My daughter will be 107 days old when this project starts, almost a perfect coincidence. Every day, for 100 days, I will take a photo of Willa. Every photo will involve me learning a different photography technique. Every photo will have a caption of only one or two words. Growth, brevity, living in the moment - love it.

Day 1:

start simple

'start simple'

Yikes, where to start?! Last night a bit of panic crept in because I hadn’t ‘mapped out’ the different photographic skills that I want to learn over the next 100 days. That sums up one of my reasons for signing up to this project in the first place. I’m sometimes inclined to hold back from trying new things unless I know I’ve got the time to do them well. All or nothing, that’s me.

If real motivation is there, however, the rest will follow. I was lucky enough yesterday to achieve the ultimate ‘double down’ (baby & toddler asleep at the same time) so I could enjoy a quiet hour after lunch brainstorming some ideas.

This week I’m going to explore the seven basic shooting modes on my camera. Today’s photo was taken using the ‘full auto’ mode - you can’t get simpler than that! I love that if all else fails you can still get a really nice photo simply by pressing one button.

Interesting that even within the full auto mode there are various techniques to play around with. Which I did. Simple stuff for now but I feel more attuned to my camera already.