100 Days Project

Kellianne: Saudade

This unique Portugese word has no English equivalent, it is used to describe a sense of melancholy or deep longing for an absent something or someone that you love. Nostalgia is the closest definition in English, though saudade is a more intense emotion. I was born and lived in Fiji until I was four years old before migrating to New Zealand. So naturally I feel that both places are my home and I experience saudade when I am gone too long from either place.

Populated by family, friends and places, I will explore what makes up my life here in NZ and Fiji to see that home is not a physical place but something we create within ourselves and carry everywhere with us.

Day 1:

A dog named DJ

Domain, Suva, Fiji.

My grandfather's new pooch. He arrived as a tiny ball of white fluff Christmas 2012. Almost fully grown he doesn't quite reach my knee and is completed dominated by Dana, Pa's older, female dog who stole his bed and all human affection.