100 Days Project

Natalie: Serendipity

I'm a fresh university graduate who is keen to branch out and explore who I am and who I want to be :)

I have been playing around with the idea of serendipity. By a serendipitous accident, I discovered a website that discussed serendipity and creativity, which inspired me.

Serendipity is all about happy accidents and clever mistakes - an unforeseen circumstance which invites us to be surprised. We are surrounded by opportunities everyday that we are unaware of, but can exist right under our noses.

I make mistakes everyday. So many things go wrong on a daily basis, and I learn from these things. Whether they are old mistakes I am still trying to learn from, or new ones that leave me with new experience. I want to remind myself that mistakes aren't to beat myself up over, but to learn from. I will try to view my mistakes as serendipitous accidents. After all, the creation of alcoholic beverages arose from a fortuitous accident!

So, I will creatively document one mistake made each day over the 100 Days (bearing in mind I make many more!), and what/how I have learned from them. I'm thinking along the lines of my own versions of those motivational quotes and posters you find on the internet.

See the website for my inspiration here: http://www.yellowideas.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=74&Itemid=75&lang=en