100 Days Project

Chloe: Portraits

All my friends know that I have an unhealthy obsession with the Marvel character Loki (and the actor), aka the God of Mischief aka the brother of Thor. There is something about that character that makes me want to punch his face in, but at the same time give him all the pudding he wants in the whole of nine realms. Anyone who has watched the films Thor and The Avengers would know that Loki isn’t your typical ‘mwahaha’ villain, because he is a complex troubled character with lots of problems to do with self-identity. Basically, as ‘godly’ as he may think he is, he is essentially just like the rest of us: equipped with emotions and flaws of which we, as human beings, cannot escape from.

I want to use this opportunity to create 100 drawings/paintings to portray different sides of Loki. This project will hopefully give me some motivation to finish some old drawings, as well as the courage to explore different kinds of medium and art styles :)