100 Days Project

Jordan: N.E.W.S.

Ours is a group project loosely inspired by the game “Four Pics, One Word”. We take a daily picture corresponding to a random word and we'll leave it for you to guess what the word of the day is using all four pictures as clues. We will source the majority of our words from the “Kupu o te Rā" website (http://kupu.maori.nz) that generates a random Māori word every day.

Our members are:

Jordan (N) http://100daysproject.co.nz/project/2013/409
James (E) http://100daysproject.co.nz/project/2013/404
Mariana (W) http://100daysproject.co.nz/project/2013/401
Hania (S) http://100daysproject.co.nz/project/2013/403

Our rules:

The picture must be taken by you on the day that the word is generated.
The picture must relate to the word of the day and your personal logo.
No screen shots or pictures found on the Internet.

Have fun!