100 Days Project

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The year is 2029. The machines will convince us that they are conscious, that they have their own agenda worthy of our respect. They'll develop critical thought and claim to be alive. And we'll believe them. [Sic Ray K. 1976]

So...that was all a bit random. Anyways, here's my project. I'm going to draw my vision of the animal future. Not because I'm good at drawing, and not because I really like it. But what I do like, is the theory of Singularity. You should really look it up, it's amazing. That is, if you like science and thinking about the future. If you don't like either of those things, then it's still pretty amazing, you should read up on it. But back to my project (this isn't about you, is it?) and what I hope to have at the end of my 100 days. 100 pictures accompanied by insightful ramblings that may, or may not, turn into a book of some description. I'll see what happens. You should check back later and see what I've done, it might just blow your mind. Humanoid or not.