100 Days Project

Ms Scheele from Steele: 100 Days of Sustainable Living

In my 100 days, I want to give some hints and information, on how to make, buy and live a better world.

I know that many people in New Zealand, and all over the planet, are getting more and more conscious about what we buy, where it comes from respectively how it is made and what is really in it. Regarding to a post* by the Conscious Consumers** already 1 in 10 Kiwis is naming “Fairtrade, animal cruelty, environmental sensitivity or buying local” as the single most important factor when choosing a product.

I don’t think anymore*** that the other 9 people are cruel, ignorant or selfish (well, at least not all of them). I believe they just don’t know any better!
And so true, the post also said that “67% would ditch a brand if they found out it was behaving unethically”. (Which brings the cruel, ignorant and selfish, or maybe simply poor people down to 3 out of 10, and the Good People Party**** would win absolute majority in the next election, hey!)

Please be aware that this is Citizen Journalism and don’t take anything for granted what I’m going write. I’m also just relying on information in the internet and some half knowledge I’ve collected over the last couple of years. Do your own research, ask whoever you can and who might know better, tell me if I was wrong, and just be open for a change.

I’ll try to make it as simple as possible, so that even my 4 year old godson could understand. He’s also my main motivator. Because I love him dearly and want to leave him only the best world possible. Which lies in our hands, all together.

_ _ F _ o _ o _ t _ n _ o _ t _ e _ s _ _

* Based on a report by the Sustainable Business Council/Fairfax Business and Consumer Behaviour Survey and evidence from major supermarket chains.

** The Concsious Consumers is a group of people, who know that we can choose the world we live in just by buying the right products. Actually I came up with the same idea a year or so before they were founded, but probably they also had this idea a year or so before they were founded and they just had the guts to work on it earlier!

** Thanks to a good friend of mine who is the most understanding and selfless person I know, plus she is doing her PHD and knows even more about surveying and thinking unbiased than me.

**** This is another idea I had a while ago and I hope some other people are already working on this one too. But if you have a look at the news all over the world, there surely are. If not I’m getting back to this one after my little 100 days project :)

Oh and one last thing – if you are still reading, with so much text here and so many beautiful pictures elsewhere – my idea for these 100 days also manifested a few months ago.
That the CC post appeared just recently, is of course law of causality or s.th. like that. I haven’t checked all the other 700 projects yet, so I don’t know if someone else is doing exactly the same. I saw a couple heading in the same direction though and I will most likely link to their page if one of my days is connected.
In addition you're more than welcome to share my posts, if you want. In my opinion good ideas are floating ’round for free and we just need to grab and share them!